Phi Lambda History on Display at the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)

Founded in 1980, the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) is dedicated to preserving and presenting the history, heritage, culture and diverse experiences of people of Chinese descent in the United States. The Museum promotes dialogue and understanding among people of all cultural backgrounds, bringing 160 years of Chinese American history to vivid life through its innovative exhibitions, educational and cultural programs.

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A Brief Introduction to the PLUS Charitable Trust Website: PLCT.US

We are pleased to announce the inception of the PLUS Charitable Trust website: PLCT.US. This site provides PLCT with a new platform to publicly promote its mission, and to keep members updated on recent developments, current projects, and upcoming events.

While the original plan was to incorporate PLCT into the PLUS website, a recent PLCT board meeting discussion raised two concerns:

  1. As a public charitable organization with fundraising programs open to the general public, PLCT should utilize its website to promote awareness of its mission. Unfortunately, this objective conflicts with that of the PLUS website.
  2. To date, PLCT’s completed and ongoing projects comprise of more than 10 schools, along with some additional charitable activities. The PLUS website does not afford PLCT with adequate space to provide progress reports, updates, and photos of activities and events.

With these concerns in mind, PLCT decided to create its own website. Fortuitously, we were able to secure the domain: http://PLCT.US. We welcome you to follow the link (or manually type in the address), and take a look at the site!

(*For most internet browsers, you only need to type PLCT.US to enter the site. Alternatively, you can access, which will automatically redirect you to our homepage.)

While the new website addresses our two primary concerns, we recognize the need to maintain confidentiality for our PLUS activities. Therefore, PLCT.US contains a PLUS Members Area, where you will be able to access the PLUS website, as well as confidential documents and reports. To enter the PLUS Members Area, click here and type in the following password: plusbrothers

PLCT.US has been running on a trial basis since August 2011. Originally, we had only one brother (Br. Dawson Lu) working on the PLCT website.  Now, luckily, Br. Justin Hsu has joined as a co-webmaster and editior.  However, we are still in need of additional PLUS volunteers—including web designer or creative director, editors, reporters, correspondents, and commentators—to join together and improve the site.

Completion of the Fong So Hai School in Shaanxi, China

We are happy to report that the construction project for the Fong So Hai School in Shaanxi, China—donated by Sister Lillian Ho in memory of her late father—has been completed.  On April 25, 2012, the new building was inspected and approved by our PLCT staff contractor, Ms. Wang Aizhen.

Furthermore, Sister Lillian has generously committed to donate an additional $20,000 this year for future school improvements. The school’s major building will be renamed in memory of Sister Lillian’s late mother.

Sister Lillian, Brother Ronald Ho and some of their family members have planned to visit the school next April.

“Life in the Yi Village” by Albert Hu Editor’s Note:

Albert Zhongyang Hu, 12th Grader at San Marino High School, California, and his father Scott Hu visited Zidu Village, Beishan Township, Yi Nationality autonomous prefecture, Sichuan Province from June 19 to June 26, 2011. The following is part of Albert’s diary, along with photos that he wanted to share with China Daily website readers. “To be honest, after experiencing life in this village, I felt like I had not really lived in San Marino,” said Albert.


For the English version of  ”Life in the Yi Village,” please refer to the following ChinaDaily link (use Internet Explorer for full compatibility). Please click on the “Introduction” and “Story” links to read through Albert’s daily journal.

If you prefer read this article in Chinese, and wish to see more photos, please click on the PPS thumbnail provided below:


This is a large PPS file; but it has much more contents and photos than the English version.  In case your computer had trouble to handle and display it, then you may have to save it in your computer (e.g. desktop,…) first, then open it afterwards.

PLCT accepts “Donor of the Year” Award from Shin Shin Educational Foundation

At the 2011 Annual Event of Shin Shin Educational Foundation on Saturday (12/10/2011), PLCT was recognized as “Donor of the Year”.  Brother Donald sent and delivered a video speech to the conference (see Donald video speach 12-10-2011 )  Br. Chung-Yang  and his wife attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of PLCT.  Details see a letter from Shin Shin’s president, Mr. Steve Ting (below) and attached three photos. 


Dear Donald and Chung-Yan,

First of all, wish you and your family a happiest holidays!

Thank you, Donald, for sending your video well wishes to Shin Shin’s 2011 annual event attendees.   We all have learned a great deal about PLCT and impressed by PLCT’s wonderful work and contributions to help children and people in need.

And, thank you, Chung-Yan and your wife, for taking the time out from your busy schedules to accept the “Donor of the Year” award on behalf of PLCT and listen to our event presentations.   We hope that you find the program was interesting and informational.

As Donald highlighted in his video remark, PLCT and Shin Shin has had long history of strong partnership to improve the educational environment for disadvantaged and impoverished children in rural China.  We treasure the partnership very much.   I and Shin Shin look forward to working with PLCT and each everyone of your members for many years to come.

Attached pls find few photos taken from the 2011 Annual Event on Saturday (12/10).

Thank you and best regards,


Steve Ting (丁永慶)


Shin Shin Educational Foundation

Shin Shin Foundation President Steve Ting Reports on his Trip to Shaanxi School – September 15, 2011

Shaanxi School (Tongqianguan Central School 铜钱关镇中心小学)
Daily Trip Report – September 15, 2011

Issued by Steve Ting

Since a donor from the PLUS Foundation (an organization that has been working with Shin Shin for reconstructing 9 schools or school buildings so far) has expressed interest to provide funding to reconstruct a multi-function school building for an elementary school in Shaanxi (陕西), the purpose of today’s trip is to investigate if such a school is qualified so that we’ll be prepared when and if our Foundation receives the donation.

- Due to extreme and terrible road conditions, it took us four hours of driving through potholes and winding, muddy mountain roads, to reach the school located on top of the hill.  On a certain section of this muddy road–with mountains on one side and the cliff and wild running river on the other–we encountered several significant mudslides as well as huge rocks sitting in the middle of the road. The journey was very dangerous and quite an experience.

- The school is called Tongqianguan Central Elementary School (铜钱关镇中心小学) in Xunyang County (旬阳县).   According to Principal Chu (储校长), the school has the population of 229 (169 of grade 1 to 6 and 60 pre-school students) with 17 teachers.  Close to 100 students stay in school from one week to the whole semester.   The school is designated for long term use (永久保留学校).   The township (铜钱关镇) has total population of 6,100 with 5,800 farmers.  The annual per capita net income is about 2,000 RMB.

- The total size of the school is 6,858 square meters with 1,598 square meters school buildings.   It has been decided that one of the buildings (危房) is unlivable and needs to be torn down and turn into a multi-function building (综合楼) for kitchen, canteen and dormitory use.   The size of this two-story building will be 760 square meters, with 13 rooms.  The total investment is 1.27 million RMB.  1 million RMB has been budgeted by the local government with the funding shortage of 270,000 RMB to complete the whole project.   The construction has started with anticipated completion by the end of this year.  If the funding shortage is not resolved, this building will be either left incomplete or the school will owe money to the construction company, according to the local educational bureau leader Mr. Xiong (教育局熊本奇局长,旬阳县).   This practice seems to be odd, but this is common in rural regions per Mdm. Wang (王爱祯) of Shaanxi QB and Mr. Xiong.

- Mr. Xiong highlighted that there are 22 central elementary schools (中心学校), one per each townships (镇) in the county (旬阳县), 55 complete elementary schools (完小) and 147 educational locations (教学点) in even more remote areas for grade 1-2 students.   He pointed out that he was not only thankful if our Foundation could consider providing grants for building construction for this school, but very impressed by our ongoing involvement such as the facility improvement and educational initiatives.   According to him, this type of continuous and useful effort is very different from most of other charity organizations.

- While waiting for the new multi-function building to be completed, the classrooms are divided up into two halves with chairs/desks for learning and bunker beds for sleeping.   Each bed sleeps two children.   By seeing this unbearable situation and surrounded by many beautiful, cheerful children and dedicated teachers, our hearts were just broken.   There are roughly 100 students staying in school during school season.

- A few more things we learned from this trip.

-There is a highway being constructed and it is projected to complete by the end of this year.   If so, it’ll be much more reasonable to reach this school in the future.

- Students who stay in school receive 3 meals worth 27-29 RMB (depending on the grade) weekly, per the school.   We were concerned if this will be reasonable for a decent and nutritious meal for children.

- Shaanxi Government has implemented an “Egg and Milk Program” (蛋奶计划) which provides milk and egg to each elementary student for free.   I was very happy to hear this.   I’ll find out if there is a similar program in other provinces.

After the visit, Mr. Donald Chu (Chairman, PLUS Foundation, and President and CEO of Tronex) and I discussed and shared our experience.   Both of us were impressed by the local government leaders, the principal and the teachers who we met.   And we were moved by what we saw.   Mr. Chu will bring the relevant info back to his Foundation and the Board of Trustees to determine if they’ll make the donation to fill the funding shortage gap.   He expects a decision one way or another in 2-3 weeks.  We spent time to discuss Shin Shin’s follow-up programs (facility improvement and educational initiatives).   I encourage him and his Foundation to also make donations to support these programs.  Hsiao Tien, would you help to follow this school construction project up?